Thursday, September 23, 2010

Dr. Fred Gottheil and the "sanctimonious bigots" commenting at the Washington Examiner

In reply to: Prof calls fellow academics ‘sanctimonious bigots’ - Washington Examiner

Dr. Gottheil sent his Statement to these 675 professors as a private e-mail from his college account. There is no indication of how many actually received his unsolicited missive (vs the spam folder) and how many of the folks who did actually see it in their in box tossed it away before even reading it because they had no idea who he was. Then there are those who did read it, but saw that there was no rights organization affiliated with the e-mail, and ignored it as being unproductive.

The bottom line is, counting the number of people who didn't respond to a single unsolicited e-mail from a stranger that may or may not've even made it into their "IN" box is hardly the best way to determine who does and does not care about the rights of women or gay folks in Middle Eastern countries. (If you ask me, the real discovery here is the ineffectiveness of Dr. Gottheil's methods in taking action for human rights.)

What has Dr. Gottheil done for his cause since, other than excoriate his fellow professors for "their" lack of concern (obviously forgiving himself for his own lackluster effort to actually obtain those signatures.)?

What has American Thinker, FrontPage Magazine, or the Washington Examiner--or any member of their writing staff, readership, or sycophants done to help?

What have YOU done to help?

Has anyone here (or at any of those sites) posted Dr. Fred Gottheil's Statement of Concern Calling for Support Regarding Discrimination in the Middle East against Women, Gays, and Lesbians online and solicited signatures from their own readership and from the general public--right and left, liberal and conservative, muslim, gentile, atheist, or jew--rather than the relatively small subgroup that Dr Gottheil initially targeted with his piss-poor "cold call" e-mail campaign--a group who'd signed one relatively obscure petition over a year and a half earlier?

It's one thing to whine and complain and then consider yourselves so much more "moral" and "right" than the other side, but perhaps folks would take the lot of you more seriously if you actually did something yourselves regarding the issue, rather than bitch about what "they" didn't do, and what that says about "them." Perhaps it's time that some of you folks took a look in the mirror, instead.

I'm just sayin'...

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To peruse all my other commentary on this subject, previous and since, click the "GOTTHEIL" label, below.

Also, Dr. Gottheil's Statement of Concern is now posted at, and is accepting signatures from anyone willing to speak out against human rights abuses in the Middle East. As you're obviously interested in the story, I urge you to step up and sign it: Support Regarding Discrimination in the Middle East against Women, Gays, and Lesbians Petition

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