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American Power: Obama Loves Gangsta Rap
Well, yeah.

Lil Wayne doin' time for attempted weapons possession, yo! And some lefty lamebrains have issues? You mean, it's RAAAAACIST!! to be snarkin' dat POTUS BE DOWN WID DE FATTY BLUNTS AND MENTHOLS, MOFO CRACK PIPE AND GANGSTA RAP? (That's paraphrasing Fox Nation, before anyone gets uptight about it — hilarious, if you ask me!)

Unfortunately for them, FOX Nation scrubbed every trace of the post they could within hours of first releasing it, leaving sycophants like Dr Douglas and Weasel Zipper blogging out there on their own, linking to each other for support.

Yeah Donald... Your post is kinda racist.

And no, it (your post, Weasel's post, Fox's post, racism--even when spelled with five "a"s, and two exclamation points) isn't funny.

Better luck next time, yo.

UPDATE #1, added 9/30/2010, 8:10 AM:

This is why I find teh Donalde so fascinating... Here is his reply to someone else who suggested his post was racist:
Donald Douglas said...
Jim: No, it's not racist. You have a severe mental defect. Racism infers racial inferiority, hence white supremacism. I do not think Barack Obama is inferior to me, and I am not white. My father and I used to talk to each other using urban slang. You wanna call that a "black thang"? That's fine with me, but it's not racist. As for Fox Nation, attack them as racist all you want. I never did see the entire post. Maybe the comments were racist, just like the comments that all the leftists leave at Sadly No! and BJ Keefe blog. It's sick. So, I'm calling you out as well. Say it to my face or STFU. - September 29, 2010 2:13 PM
One can just imagine Donalde and his father sitting in the den when he was a kid, listnin' to the gangsta rap and puffin' on the fatty blunts and menthols, trying to figger out how to score dem a liddle more mofo crack... you know, like black people do, it bein' a black thang, n'all...

Donald... Your post (and all of your bigotronics posts) perpetuate a stereotype about black people that doesn't hold up to scrutiny. The weirdest thing about your doing this, is that you yourself are proof that the stereotype isn't true. Crack pipes, fatty blunts and menthols, gangsta rap, and even your mofo urban slang are not "black thangs," and yes my friend, it's racist to suggest they are. The urban stereotype, based on the color of one's skin, is the thing that infers racial inferiority. Anyone who stereotypes another race--or even their own race--in a negative way is guilty of racism; one needn't be white to do it. One only needs to say "the people of this race as a whole are less (less intelligent, less moral, less attractive, less human, ...) than the people of other races, because of the race they are." One only need pass judgement on others, based on their race.

I'll get back to the Fox Nation thing shortly, in Update #2...

UPDATE #2, 8:47 AM: (Welcome back. Did you miss me?)

Donald digs a little deeper, with a follow-up post: Obama's Gangsta Playlist:
Here's the cached copy of yesterday's Fox Nation piece. Lefties have been freakin' ever since.
Ok, follow that link. (You know, the one Donalde never did see in it's entirety (see comment in update #1), but yet claims he "paraphrased" using the bigotronics in his original post.) Anyone see anything approaching the same kinda language or stereotyping (racism) in the Fox Nation piece? (I mean sure, the headline is pretty misleading, the videos way over the top, and there's little doubt they chose to highlight the President's mention of these two rappers (as opposed to say, his mention of Maria Callas) because he's black, but for real over the top racially motivated goodness, are the folks at Fox Nation anywhere near teh Donalde?)

And besides... How did Donalde paraphrase something he says he never read? And if he did paraphrase it, how did he get it so wrong? (There's nothing at Fox Nation about menthols, drugs, or mothafucka's. Just a headline about gangsta rap, and a quote from the Rolling Stone article--which doesn't mention ANY of those things, INCLUDING gangsta rap.)

It's just too bad the Fox Nation viewer commentary appended to this post seems to be lost... I hear it was just delightful...

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