Thursday, September 30, 2010

James O'Keefe, and the Sinking of The Lubesitania: It never happened.

A reply (revised and extended) to: Are Breitbart bloggers forbidden from writing about the O'Keefe "prank"? - Media Matters for America, and this comment by Andy Kreiss (1 hour and 1 minute ago, as of this writing) in particular:
"One exception was The Blaze, another poster tipped me off that it was being discussed there. A good number of the wingnuts there were very suspicious that the incident had even happened ( they don't consider CNN a reliable source), even as it was reported on Glenn Beck's site, including responses about the incident from O'Keefe himself."
The same thing is happening among the commenters at HotAir, at least at Allahpundit's recent post "CNN accuses James O’Keefe of bizarre prank"... This may be the meme folks on the right go with... just plain never happened.

If any of this was even planned at all, it was all that guy Ben Wetmore's fault, and James DildO'Keefe had nothing to do with it. (that seems to be the line DidO'Keefe is runnin' with; Ben wrote it, and JimmYo rejected the idea, outright. -- which is no kinda way for a bro to stick up for a bro, if ya ask me...) The fact is, there were no sex toys or mood music on the boat James and his low cut shirt were waiting on that day (dubbed "The Lubesitania" at tbogg's place), and you just go ahead and prove there was... You just prove it. I dares ya... I double-dares ya...

AND... even if it was actually planned, and James actually was involved in it, the thing on The Lubesitania never actually took place. Therefore, no harm, no foul, right?

At least until somethin' better comes along, that seems to be the meme folks on the right are going with...

Also, via a commenter at an earlier TBogg post on the subject, this has to be DildO'Keefe's joint:

(John C. Reilly even looks a little like disgraced conservative blogger Andrew Breitbart in this vid, if ya ask me...)

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