Wednesday, September 29, 2010

In Reply: David Horowitz, and Extremist Thinking

In reply to: David Horowitz in Beverly Hills: ‘Crush the Arabs Militarily’ | Right Wing News, and the following comment, in particular:
"Having been a hard-core leftist once, Horowitz fundamentally understands the sinister nature of the liberal mindset."

David Horowitz went from being a radical to being a reactionary... ...but seemingly never lost his penchant for extremist thinking.

Back when he was a radical, he was involved with communists, not the Democratic Party. He never claimed to be a mainstream (or even "fringe") Democrat, and they didn't claim him as one of theirs, either. He was a radical extremist, and both he and the mainstream left knew it.

Now that he's a reactionary though, he seems to believe everyone to his political left is a cooooomunist!!! or a sooooocialist!!! or some other kinda crazy scary raaaaadical extreeeeemist like he used to be.

Just like any born again or reformed "sinner" (smoker, drinker, gambler, porn addict), he sees evil--dangerous radical leftist evil--everywhere he goes.

When one imagines himself a hammer, one sees nothing in his world but nails. And that makes David Horowitz hard to take seriously...

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