Monday, September 20, 2010

In Reply: Donald Douglas Plays the Victim

In reply to American Power: Anti-Intellectualism and the Marxist Idea:

Poor Dr. Douglas...

Getting his ass kicked all over the blogesphere, these days...

You really ought to stop playing the victim so much, my friend. Calling you out for the foolish things you say (from Sasquatch Israel" to your inability to define nihilism and then show with examples how the definition you choose fits "the Left," whatever that is... Sweeping generalization, anyone?) is no different than much of the blogging you do, calling out those with whom you disagree. Seems you're fine attacking others, but whine like a poor, victimized stuck polecat when folks treat you the same way...

Yes, you have received a few comments that treat you poorly... But we all know that they're not the only comments you've received... They're just the only ones that provide examples for your "poor me" pity party. Those that don't fit the meme don't see the light of day... (at least, not on your blog...)

It's fine to be a bomb thrower, if that's what you wish to be... ...but Donald, folks are going to make fun of you every time you see a sign that says "Sasquatch is Real" and spin some kinda anti-semite mythology around it, just to attack folks you don't personally agree with or like. It's not just that you misread the sign. It's that you then made shit up out of whole cloth just to tar folks you see as your enemies... And dude, it ain't the first time, either... And that, my friend, is evil and wrong, and discredits you as a serious thinker.

Submitted for American Power blog moderator approval on Monday, 9/20/10, 10:42 AM (WIS blog time)... And actually posted, for once. (If I had to venture a guess as to why, I'd think that the number of people pointing out the disconnect between "I welcome comments and debate..." and his practice of moderating comments for content before they appear, is getting to be too much, even for him... YMMV...) In any case, it appears there, all by its lonesome, at least as of this writing: September 20, 2010 7:43 AM

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ex DLB said...

I guess because JBW was away for the weekend Don had to find someone else to administer his ass kicking. Brendan handed it to him pretty well, too. Very enjoyable. It's hard to believe Don walks away from these exchanges thinking he's won. He must think any kind of attention is good.

Looking forward to his topping Sasquatch Israel in stupidity.

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