Friday, September 24, 2010

Was I really unfair to Dr Gottheil?

Can you explain how, exactly?

In reply to Leslie S. Lebl: Disrobing the Left, and in particular, the following comment:
Leslie Lebl said...
I went to PetitionOnline, as repsac3 recommended, but did not sign the petition because I didn't like it. I agree with the idea of protesting human rights violations in the Middle East, but the text criticized Prof. Gottheil in a way that I consider very unfair. I would be very happy to sign another, clean version, and to recommend that my blog readers do same.
Since mine is the only version currently posted (which pretty much provides evidence of one of my issues, if ya think about it), I can only request that you (or perhaps someone else who regularly reads your site) post your own version, then.

Here is the link to do so: - Petition Submission Form

(Feel free to copy the text from my petition, or from FrontPage Magazine.)

I'm sorry you felt I was unfair to Dr. Gottheil, but that is the way I see the situation up to now.

Thanks for trying, in any case, and let me know if you post your "clean" version. (I'd certainly be willing to provide links to both versions when soliciting signatures, in future.)

Submitted for moderator approval 9/24/10, 9:20 PM? (or so, WIS blog time)

For context, here is what my "unfair" text says:
The following text was originally written by Dr. Fred Gottheil, from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign He e-mailed it to a small group of fellow professors (675, in all) who had signed a different petition months earlier. Though Dr. Gottheil did not receive a very good response (perhaps because he cast his net too narrowly, sending a single "cold call" e-mail to 675 strangers, not soliciting signatures from anyone he knew or came into contact with personally, politically or professionally, or posting it online for the general public to read and sign, and taking no further action on this issue when his e-mails failed to achieve satisfactory results, other than to release the statement, and cast aspersions on those who did not reply to his e-mail), the Statement of Concern that he wrote is worthy of support. I'm hoping that by posting it here, we can make the statement that Dr. Gottheil intended, regarding discrimination in the Middle East against women, gays, and lesbians.
I'm not sure what Leslie believes to be untrue or otherwise unfair about what I said, but if anyone here agrees with her (or if she herself happens to drop by), I'd be most interested in hearing your (or her, or even Dr Gottheil's) thoughts on the matter.

In any case, the petition is here (in it's current "unfair, dirty" form. I'll let you know if anyone produces one that "whitewashes" Dr Gottheil's involvement in a way that's acceptable to Leslie and those who agree with her.): Support Regarding Discrimination in the Middle East against Women, Gays, and Lesbians Petition. As you're obviously interested in the story, I urge everyone reading these words to step up and sign it... matter what you think of the Left, the Right, Dr. Gottheil, Leslie, or me.

To peruse all my other commentary on this subject, previous and since, click the "GOTTHEIL" label, below.

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