Thursday, December 09, 2010

In Reply: Compassion Towards Elizabeth Edwards, and Not Wearing One's God on One's Sleeve

In reply to: Donald Douglas Receives Hatred For His Compasssion Towards Elizabeth Edwards | ZION'S TRUMPET

I believe the difference of opinion with Donald Douglas isn't that he is in any way suggesting that folks on the left are opposed to Christianity (though he is making that absurd suggestion), but that he is berating a dying/very recently deceased woman for not wearing her God on her sleeve, as it were. (Matthew 6, particularly verses 1, and 5-6) To many of us--including many devout Christians--there is something unseemly and downright creepy about such behavior, especially on the very day of her death.

I leave it to others to unpack the rest (or whatever portions thereof they deem worth unpacking.)

Like many conservative sites, this one appears to be pre-moderated for content. Wonder whether my comment will actually appear?


Kevin Robbins said...

I see someone dropped this comment into a "thread" (it was the only comment) at St. Donald's place:

Just a conservative girl said...
You don't have the right to question her faith. You don't know what was in heart, especially by only going by one statement. I am sorry, but people have the right to question your train of thought. Many people of faith don't wear it on their sleeves, that doesn't make them any less faithful.

No Scooby snack for her!

repsac3 said...

Worse than that, he tossed fellow conservative James Joyner (his blog is Outside The Beltway, and you can check out his political beliefs for yourself), under the bus to progressive nihilismland (check the other names to whom he was sending that. Nihilists, the lot of 'em, and apparently Joyner, too) for daring to disagree with him.

It'll take a long time, probably, but one day he's going to find himself alone on the streets, shouting "Nihilist!!" at every "friend" and stranger walking by... ...and probably still feeling like a victim and a martyr, suffering the slings and arrows of the whole rest of the world for his cause.

Kevin Robbins said...

Well if Joyner is hanging around LGM some of the nihilist is bound to rub off onto him. And I'm expecting Don to wake up some morning and look in the mirror and suspect himself of being a nihilist.

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