Friday, December 03, 2010

X-Post: "Who's that trip, trap, tripping over Don's bridge?"

American Power: Progressive Trolls

In which Dr. Douglas finds a conservative fellow traveller who, like him, chooses to redefine the term "troll" to mean "anyone from the left who disagrees with me, and dares to say so on my blog."

Of course, of the 42 comments currently appended to his new friend "Robin of Berkeley"'s American Thinker piece, about a third are calling her out for the hypocrisy--many seemingly from the right. And predictably I suppose, Robin or Berkeley's response is to call those commenters trolls too, and to ask the editor at American Thinker to remove any that violate AT comment standards--which in her mind, is likely all of 'em. A woman cut from Don's own heart, she is... If you can't beat 'em, the least you can do is delete their words and prevent them from appearing anywhere near your own, so as not to disturb the illusion that everyone agrees with you.


And yeah, we got a mention from Donald, as well:
And that's to say nothing of the freaks at American Nihilist, for whom no undomesticated attack is out of bounds.

Buck up, Don. They're just words... and here at American Nihilist, (unlike at your blog), you're always free to drop on by and rebut them with words of your own. As long as you're more or less on topic and not selling something (commercially, I mean), your comments will appear as written.

It's one thing to say "Comment and debate are always welcome," but it's quite another to actually adhere to those standards on your blog. -- That said, American Nihilist applauds your finally removing all that dishonest bullshit from your profile... ...though liberal "trolls" throughout the blogosphere are no doubt mourning the death of that "tactical elan" for which you had been so famous (or notorious, anyway).

It seems the folks at wikipedia have met Donald and Robin (or others like them), as well.: "The term ["Troll"] is often used as an ad hominem strategy to discredit an opposing position by attacking its proponent."
In a nutshell, Wikipedia.

Well, come along! I've got two spears,
And I'll poke your eyeballs out at your ears;
I've got besides two curling-stones,
And I'll crush you to bits, body and bones.

Snip, snap, snout.
This tale's told out.

Added, 3:20 AM: American Power: Barbara O'Brien: Hate-Enabling Progressive
"The commenters there as as bad as anything on the web, further substantiated by the demonic racist Repsac3."
Jesus, dude... Man up, stop sniffling over spilt milk, and quitcherbitchin', already. This kinda repetition may work on some of your less intelligent readers, but the vast majority (yeah, even of your readers) prefer intelligent argument to all this whining and name-calling. What Barbara called you on, you were clearly guilty of, and changing the subject, declaring victory, or calling her names isn't going to change that. I mean, I know this is what you do, but really man... try manning up, admitting the fuck up, and moving on... These three posts about the maha blog ain't convincing anyone you're right except you.

And anytime you want to do more than yell RAAAAACIST!! at me (like perhaps, backing those bogus charges), I'm here for ya, buddy.

American Niiiiihilist x-post

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