Friday, December 03, 2010

X-Post: Disemvoweling Donald Douglas

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Thanks again Ann for your one sided fanning of partisan hate. This crappy band according to Wikipedia has trashed on stage every president since Reagan, also John Kerry, Hillary Clinton and Al Gore. But don't let the facts get in the way of throwing more red meat to your Althouse Hillbillies. They might just buy a toaster on Amazon for you!


Donald, clearly Althouse can be a little over-sensitive, sometimes, if she thinks anything done by Gwar is anything to get excited over. And clearly, you're a fool if you in any way agree with her (which, given your recent suggestion that calling a black man a clown is RAAAAACIST!!* (*unless he's Barack Obama, or any other black man with whom you disagree politically or socially, in which case not even photoshops of them as fried chicken eating pimps is in any way offensive or bigoted), is likely.

The ridiculous of your post (and Ann Althouse's) is summed up in the first two words. "It's Gwar." And if those two words really aren't enough, the majority of the comments at Ann's blog (including the one you cite, ironically) should help explain why this is just another manufactured outrage. C'mon... It's GWAR, for Christ's sake.

As for me and the folks at American Niiiiihilist, well, it is possible that someone here (writer or reader) may be a G.W.A.R. fan, but if you had any real evidence that any one of us "gets off on stuff like this," you'd've whipped it out, big boy. (Actually, history shows you wouldn't've... You tend to just make shit up and say it, truth, reason, or even the slightest trickle of evidence be damned.) And your link back to the post where a blogger who hasn't written for AmNi in over a year once reposted your publicly available work info over my objections (an incident that first happened in February of 2009, and that you're STILL whining about) is pretty clear evidence that the blogger at The Mahablog was correct. You need to chill, take your lumps, and move on, already. Holding onto all these grudges and imagined slights just can't be healthy, Don.

American Niiiiihilist x-post

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