Thursday, December 09, 2010

In Reply: "public displays of expression of faith - crass, phony, and wholly unnecessary"

In reply to: Hate Mail | Right Wing News, both post and current comments, which seem to've devolved into believer vs atheist, as though that was ever the issue with Elizabeth Edwards...

It just ain't right to question or demean the religious beliefs of others, particularly those on their deathbed. It makes no difference whether you're a believer questioning a non-believer (or as in the case of Elizabeth Edwards v. Donald Douglas, a believer with a faith not just exactly like your own) or a non-believer questioning a believer. It's just kinda heartless and hateful, and not particularly Christian, either.

A whole lotta folks believe one's relationship with the divine is a private matter, and "public displays of expression" of faith--essentially wearing one's God on one's sleeve--are crass, phony, and wholly (holy?) unnecessary. (For the Biblical, Matthew 6 speaks to this, as well.)

America was in part founded so that folks could worship as they saw fit... So while I understand that there is no government action in the words of those who would condemn others for their religious (or atheistic) beliefs and actions, it nevertheless strikes me as being against the spirit of the founders, and thus, of America, itself... YMMV...

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