Sunday, December 12, 2010

X-Post: Donald Douglas' New Low in Guilt by Association: You Resemble a Known Bad Man, Therefore, You're Bad.

American Power: Guilty Verdict in Elizabeth Smart Case: "And I noticed that Ms. Smart's rapist, Brian David Mitchell, bears a strong resemblance to my dangerous stalker, James Casper. Seriously. Grow the beard and hair at Reppy's pic and it's a spitting image."

Is Donald really so hard up for things to hit me with that he's sunk so low as to saying I resemble someone recently convicted of rape? What does that even mean, other than Donald has allowed his fucked up guilt by association beliefs to fall to a new low. When "you're bad because you have facial features alot like a guy who was convicted of a crime" is the whole of you're argument--nevermind the fact that he's way off in my opinion; he's got quite the imagination to believe I even slightly resemble the guy, let alone am the "spitting image" of him--you best just stop speaking, before you embarrass yourself still further.

In the spirit of fair play, however, I'll help ol' Don out. You picked the wrong person from your seemingly neverending list of "enemies," Donald.
Me (being tailed by the FBI... or perhaps, a Freemason)

My Evil Twin, Skippy

Am I a Godless nihilist evildoer?
Clearly, I am... I mean, those images say all that needs to be said...

Borrowing another of Donald's bullshit memes, he might just as well stop taking swings at me... These pictures "prove" that everything he ever said about me was correct. There is nothing more to be done. He might as well give up blogging and run for office, because he'll never have a more complete victory over the forces of nihilism (defined, as is his wont, as everything and all that isn't just like him) than he achieved today.

Physical resemblance as a weapon. Another step down the ladder of logic and reason for Professor Douglas.

And by the by... Isn't Donald's blog starting to look more and more like a venue with which to personally attack the people who he disagrees with, rather than a blog of breaking news and neoconservative opinion? I mean, aside from the guilt by association angle I already noted, tossing an "enemy" willy nilly into an otherwise serious news story is just not good blogging. He can't post his daily dose of tits and ass without lashing out at someone. It's just sad, because I think he used to be a far better blogger (and human being). Anyone who doesn't believe me ought to check his archives from the early days of American Power. It used to be a very different blog.

That's not to say that he won't continue to get those hitz by which he and some of his buddies measure and compare the length and girth of their blogging penes in the ConBlog shower room... People love lowbrow, lowest common denominator entertainment, more than that intellectual stuff he used to post, probably. American Idol or the WWF will always get more viewers than a Puccini opera or a Shakespeare play on public television--or for that matter, a good book... Hell, ANY book--but that doesn't mean Idol and WWF: RAW are delivering more quality or cultural literacy than the play, the opera or the book... It just means folks enjoy 'em more. There's a whole lotta theories as to why, but whatever the reason, and whatever you think about it, a fact's a fact. Hitz is nice, I'm sure--and important, if the goal is to earn money--but (as should be obvious) the more "lowbrow" you go in search of the hitz, the less "highbrow" you become, and the less worthwhile your blog becomes. Donald is very proud of being a political science professor, but he doesn't post nearly as many political science pieces as he used to. ANYONE can post tits and ass or knock-down, drag-out fights between bloggers, and yes, tits and ass and the knock-downs will prolly earn more hitz. But political science, they aint.

Whatever... That's just what I think... And I look like Skippy there, so clearly, I'm eeeeevil.

An American Niiiiihilist X-post

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