Monday, December 13, 2010

X-Post: Death Threats from Folks Decrying Death Threats

No excess words. Just the facts:
"I love Ann Althouse. She is my friend and I look up to her in many ways. I am thus horrified to see calls for her death at a leftist message board discussing recent responses to the death of Elizabeth Edwards:
I can't fucking wait for Ann Althouse to die. The only thing that would make that perfect would be if her husband cheats on her beforehand.
While I've already posted on all of this at length, I'm still shocked at how brazen are some of the leftist death chants, for Althouse — and for me too, from the genuinely demonic Tintin at Sadly No!, as just one more example:" - Donald Douglas, American Power: Leftists Chant for the Death of Ann Althouse — UPDATED!!
Same guy:
"And God forgive me, but somehow I don't think I'd be bothered to see leftists in these videos. Perhaps they'd take this stuff more seriously if they took the place of folks like Daniel Pearl:" - American Power: Leftist Blogger Equates Christine O'Donnell to Taliban Murderers
And just so there's no confusion:
Can we get a close-up?

Link to Donald Douglas' "If only it wuz liberals leftists" video, for any who wish to see more of the gore Donald is wishing on Americans to his political left. WARNING: It's pretty SICK, and not in a good way. (I posted the actual video once at this blog. Once was more than enough.)

Donald's friend doesn't even bother putting any space between decrying death threats, on one hand, and making one, on the other:
@Serr8d sez: Death wishes for Ann Althouse from @tintin_sadlyno @repsac3 ««Now there's a couple 'tards who'd look good wearing coiled hemp. @AmPowerBlog

Clearly, the hypocrisy is strong, in some.

If anyone who supports these clowns wants to cite and link to any death threat I've made to/about anyone, we'll at least have something concrete to talk about. Perhaps there was some time when, in the heat of ideological battle, I was as much of an ass as these folks. Chances are slim, however, because I think that all such threats are morally repugnant. Those made over the internet, just because someone expresses a different sociopolitical point of view than you do, are also pretty stupid, too, and say far more about the person making the threat, than they do about the person they're targeting.

EVERYONE who makes death threats to/about anyone else, no matter the reason, is wrong. As I recently said in a comment at another post: "That said, Donald is right about one thing... I hereby denounce, renounce, and generally condemn the words of anyone calling for Donald Douglas, Ann Althouse (or for that matter, anyone else, right, left or otherwise) to get sick, die, or suffer physical pain. (I know Donald would prefer I denounce, renounce, and generally condemn the people, as opposed to their words, but I believe to do so would take things too far... least until I believe that they've made a continuous habit of uttering such intemperate remarks, in which case I'll revisit the issue of denouncing/renouncing/condemning the people, in addition to their words.)"

I continue to stand by that. The threats folks opposed to Donald Douglas' words and deeds are making to/about him (and/or about Ann Althouse) are just as despicable as the threats Donald and his friend Serr8d are making about folks opposed to the words and deeds of Donald Douglas and others of their ilk. Threats of death on the internet are always wrong; and not wrong only when done by the people who disagree with you. Rather than the moral wishy-washyness of Donald Douglas and serr8d, one set of standards, by which we judge friend and foe alike. So you tell me which of us is closer to honest to God nihilism (as opposed to Mr Douglas' "all those who disagree with me" variant of the term)...

Well whatta ya know...I guess Donald got his wish for "a "big deal" entirely fresh, full-on new entry denouncing all of those calling for my death and Althouse's," after all... I hope he approves... ...though as I predicted in that earlier comment, I'm betting he won't.

An American Niiiiihilist x-post

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