Monday, December 13, 2010

X-Post: Man Charged With Incest After Three-Year Relationship With Daughter is Political Science Professor

Hey... Isn't Donald Douglas a political science professor, as well? And wouldn't you know it, they both blog about their political views, and are very close to the same age, too. In some ways, Professor Epstein and Professor Douglas could be twins, and we all know what THAT means... (well, if you're foolish enough to play the "guilt by association similarity" game, anyway...)

Treat folks like individuals, people. The fact that two people share the same politics, or profession, or even facial features, does not mean if one of 'em is a rapist, or commits incest, (or is, for that matter, a model citizen), that the person with the same kinda job, politics, or physical features will be in any other way like the person they resemble in that one way, no matter the memes some bloggers seem to be pushing, of late.

Please... Think before hitting that "post" button... We beg you.

American Niiiiihilist x-post

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