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X-Post: Dr Douglas, you're clearly a selective-reading idiot...

Or, "Despicable Me"

American Power: "I'm equating and its visitors with liberalism" - Althouse
"Anyone with half a brain would have known, but not the despicable stalking asshat RepRacist3."

That's why nearly EVERYONE came down on Althouse in the comments at her original post, right there on her own site--which presumably, is largely populated by folks friendly to her points of view, as well as fans who're more likely to be familiar with her writing style and thus understand both the words she writes and the gist she tries to convey with them.

That's why she had to subsequently go to another site to defend her post with that explanation.

Dr Douglas, you're clearly a selective-reading idiot to come to the conclusion that my understanding of Ms Althouse was any different than those of most of her loyal readership, or the other blogs/bloggers who commented, after reading through the various posts/comment areas you referenced. No other conclusion is possible. The words at those posts make it abundantly clear what the general understanding of the original Althouse post was, and your conclusion to the contrary makes it awful clear that the only half-brained fellow hanging around in the area of these Althouse posts is you.

Look Donald... Pretty much everyone, from regular Althouse readers commenting at your first link (where she does not explain herself, at all), to those commenting at your second link (where just about everyone calls Bullshit! on her too-little-too-late attempt at a face-saving explanation after the fact) doesn't agree with you, or with Ms. Althouse. (Or do you think she'd prefer Dr. Althouse?) I'm not saying that that might not've been what she meant to say in her first post, but pretty much no one read it that way, so the fault lies with the lady for failing to more clearly convey her intended message.

Even at your own post, you say "leftists love this", and show the G.W.A.R. video, not So tell me Don... If your understanding was that Althouse was talking about the bloggingheads site, why didn't you include that site in any way in your post? (Nevermind... The answer is clear... You're a friggin' face-saving halfwit.)

"But Althouse explains"

Exactly Don, old man... The fact that she had to explain should tell you something (but maybe it was speaking to the missing half of your brain, eh?) If her point was anywhere near as clear as it was concise (read: short), she wouldn't've HAD to explain. NO ONE understood her, and even now, they still think she's off her rocker on this. The first answer still stands; It's G.W.A.R., for Christ's sake. They don't represent liberals, they represent post-adolescent bad metal-loving adolescents. (One of them spends a whole lotta time on FoxNews, in fact... If anything, that says more about that member's politics than any music performance video would or could.)

Bloggingheads isn't recognized as a liberal site by much of anyone, either. Althouse herself has appeared there pretty often, and almost all bloggingheads videos include both sides getting their fair say. It's a pretty desperate play to try to suggest represents the liberal mindset. But whatever... The woman has her opinion...
"Besides, finding buttwipe bjkeefe in the comments at the Gwar Bloggingheads was a dead giveaway"
Now, a close reading of the bloggingheads site makes it pretty clear to anyone with maybe just a smidge more than half a brain that bjkeefe did not comment at the G.W.A.R. bloggingheads post, but instead had a comment included in their "Out of Context" sidebar, which seems to appear on every bloggingheads page, including the ones that include Ann Althouse herself. So no, Don, the fact that his comment is there no more implies fandom of this or anything G.W.A.R has ever done than it does fandom of this or anything Ann Althouse has ever done. So much for that "close reading" there, half-brain... That bus you thought you was drivin' just plum rolled over you.
"And of course I was extremely concise at my post on Gwar, not only indicating that we should be fair but adding a video of Gwar beheading Barack Obama. But despicable dumbshit RepRacist3 makes a lame gotcha attempt anyway, mumbling stupidly about "you're a fool if you in any way agree with her ...'"
Close reading would of course notice the "if" in the sentence, as in:
Donald, clearly Althouse can be a little over-sensitive, sometimes, if she thinks anything done by Gwar is anything to get excited over. And clearly, you're a fool if you in any way agree with her (which, given your recent suggestion that calling a black man a clown is RAAAAACIST!!* (*unless he's Barack Obama, or any other black man with whom you disagree politically or socially, in which case not even photoshops of them as fried chicken eating pimps is in any way offensive or bigoted), is likely.
I didn't say he did agree with her; I said IF he agreed with her, and that it WAS LIKELY he did, given his over-the-top sensitivity in the past.

Now yes, I do believe Donald was on board with Althouse's G.W.A.R. is anti-female (or anti-Con female, or pro-violence against women) thrust, as evidenced by his cut & paste of the G.W.A.R. video and the words "liberals love this," (not to mention charging--without a scintilla, as usual--that the folks at American Nihilist actually "get off" on stuff like this.)

Close reading would also note that even Donald admits his post was on G.W.A.R. (and liberals, of course), and not on (and liberals).

That's everyone else's point, in a nutshell. The Althouse (and subsequent Douglas) post(s) were understood by everyone and their baby sister as talking about G.W.A.R., not, or much of anything else... Hence, everyone's reaction, including my own. (I have no proof of course, but I don't even buy Donald's magical understanding of this "fact" that everyone else failed to get except him, and believe his hindsight post explanation to be FAR better than his actual sight at the time, if ya know what I mean... YMMV...) Hell, Donald even discusses G.W.A.R.'s political leanings in his post, saying "But to be fair, Gwar's bipartisan..." So who here really believes Don knew Althouse's point was not about G.W.A.R. at all, but about, as he now claims?

No, me neither... Don will say or do anything to save face, and to attack others...
"So much for RepRacist3's close reading skills. Stupid asshole."
See above. Decide for yourself who's the "stupid asshole" as concerns "close reading skills". Rinse. Repeat as needed.

As always, folks can decide for themselves whether they agree that Donald (and Althouse) seem to be accusing liberals of being anti-feminist because G.W.A.R. (a band whose lead singer regularly appears on FoxNews, not MSNBC) at least one time disemboweled someone wearing a Sarah Palin mask onstage.... or something... And maybe my point about Donald and his "calling a black man I agree with a clown is RAAAAACIST!!, but photoshopping a black man I don't agree with as a fried chicken eating gangsta pimp, isn't" argument is in some way different than Althouse's "a video of G.W.A.R. disemboweling Sarah Palin on a liberal site ( Althouse has appeared on several occasions--is a liberal site?!?) proves liberals hate women" argument, but seeing Donald comment on both in a very similar way sure suggested a connection to me... Again, the reader can decide for him/herself...

Everything we wrote or referenced is linked below, and I urge anyone who cares, to read what we (and others) wrote and decide for yourself where the truth lies.

I'm sure you already know what I think... Dr Don is getting desperate, and all this ad hom and spurious charge-throwing is just more evidence of it.

I'd be interested in whatever response one wishes to offer, either with my point of view or against... Even Dr Don himself is always welcome to speak up.

And Don... Your silly "racist" thing is getting mighty tired, bro... Either put up or shut up, nes pa? (Not that I expect you actually ever will come across with more than this yelling of "RAAAAACIST!!" at me, but it can't hurt to keep on askin' anyway...)

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