Thursday, December 09, 2010

In reply: Navigating Past Moderation at NewsReal Blog

An attempted reply (and e-mail to the moderators) at Navigating Past Nihilism | NewsReal Blog:

I've offered three or four responses, about 12 hours apart, to the 12/6/10 "Navigating Past Nihilism" post by Donald Douglas. None have successfully posted.

While I may've changed a word or two here or there between them (as well as the one I'm repeating here), the posts more or less consisted of the following:
A reply to this post from "stalking nihilist asshat central" (though we prefer to call it 'American Nihilist'):

"Stalking nihilist asshat central" is the term used in the original post to refer to my blog, American Nihilist, but I am willing to censor the word "ass" (a**), should that be what's keeping my comment on hold.
(Needless to say, I am the person to whom Donald Douglas refers in his piece--and accuses of racism, no less--and I would appreciate the opportunity to put my reply before the NewsReal readership.) According to the commenting rules at NewsReal (specifically #6) that is a permissible use of a link.

To the best of my knowledge, I am not running afoul of any of the other commenting guidelines, and would appreciate having my comment appear, or at least receiving an explanation as to why the NewsReal powers-that-be have determined it may not.

Thanks for your time. I'll watch for my comment to appear, or for a reply to my e-mail box. (Should I not get either response--emails do get lost, after all--I'll resubmit my comment, then, if necessary, resend this e-mail again tomorrow.)

repsac3 ("repracist3," in the post in question. I trust you understand why I believe I deserve the opportunity to state my case in reply.)

One has to wonder what it is some blogs and bloggers are afraid of, when they refuse to allow comments in dissent to appear.

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